If you just know Ryan Evans as a painter on the History reality series, Counting Cars, then we have got more for you.

Here are some crazy facts about this gearhead that may surprise you

Strange Looking Sweaters 

You may not like it, but Ryan’s tightly tangled and rolled goatee is his trademark and he really loves that. 

He loves to wear sweaters that people in general won’t find attractive.

Rubber Duckies

You know this Counting Cars star likes to spend time with rubber duckies, strange!

Loves Tattoos

If you love to ink your body and thinking of getting a new one, then you ought to follow Ryan Evans on his twitter. 

The graphic artist also loves to share his passion on social media. Feel free to follow him!

High School in Germany

Not sure if he can speak German but he did spent years in Germany.

He attended the Frankfurt American High School in Frankfurt, Germany during his early days.