Best known as the vocalist of the rock band, Coldplay, Chris Martin is an English singer, songwriter and record producer.

The band which was formed by Martin and Jonny Buckland in 1998, achieved worldwide fame with the release of their single, Yellow in 2000.

Thanks to his ever-growing popularity, Martin has accumulated an estimated net worth of $90 million.

And with that amount of money, he is sure to have a collection of his favorite things, i.e., pianos.

Here are some pianos that Chris Martin currently owns or has owned 

Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand Piano

The CP70 is a legendary musical instrument that was used by touring bands throughout the 1980s before digital pianos became a norm.

Chris used this piano to write Coldplay’s hit song, Trouble. It was later auctioned off at Coldplay’s end of decade clearout sale catalog.

Fender Rhodes Electric Piano

Though this keyboard was also auctioned off in 2009, the band loved this piano for its unique and individual tone.

Chris moved to London with this keyboard, and it is the only reason why Guy Berryman would speak with Chris.

Yamaha GT20

This is one of Coldplay’s famous pianos; Chris can be seen playing it during their live shows on most occasions.

Chris used the Yamaha GT20 during the Mylo Xyloto tour which took place in different locations from 2011 to 2013.

Yamaha DYUS1E3

This is one of the pianos that Chris used early on in his musical career other than the Yamaha GT20.

Chris used this keyboard in Coldplay’s Ghost Stories tour in 2014.

Kawai K300-ATX2

This piano replaced the Yamaha DYU1E3 which was used during the ‘Ghost Stories’ era.

Though it looks exactly like the Yamaha upright, this hybrid piano can be distinguished by K300-ATX2 in the top corner.