CNN's Gloria Borger successfully done plastic surgery, the gorgeous lady is married to husband Lance Morgan

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Gloria Borger looks a decade younger than her real age after plastic surgery. The CNN journalist is married and lives with her husband Lance Morgan in Washington.

The elegant beauty, Gloria Borger, has no signs of aging on her face, not even sagging skin or forehead lines. The surgical facelift has been popular among many media personalities and Gloria is also one of them.

Sometimes surgical options prove to be a disaster for celebrities, but it has worked like magic in her case. Gloria appears to be 10 years younger than her actual age. 

Gloria was indeed very pretty prior surgery, but surgery has added an extra glamor to her face. Her radiant beauty glows without wrinkles. 

The political pundit is currently the chief political analyst at CNN. Gloria is one of the most renowned media personalities on the channel. She has specialized in the political sector for almost a decade.

Being a controversial journalist and having a chief executive officer as a husband made Gloria always to be the center of all kind of rumors. 

Gloria's husband, Lance Morgan is a chief communication strategist at Powell Tate. He specializes in developing and executing communication strategies for media training, public policy debates, and crisis communication. 

Gloria and Lance have been married for many years now, but we don't know the exact date of their wedding. The couple has kept their personal lives under wraps, although their professional lives are quite renowned in the media.

Political pundit and CNN analyst, Gloria Borger appears miraculously younger after plastic surgery. She is a married woman living in Washington, D.C. with her husband Lance Morgan, a public relations executive.

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