Dana Bash’s younger looks have revealed the secrets of plastic surgery. With no wrinkles and beautiful charm on her face, Dana defies her age of 45. The emerging journalist of CNN, Dana has a net worth of $2 million dollars.

Which plastic surgery procedures did Dana Bash go through?

Dana’s radiant and wrinkle-free blushing skin at her mid-40s have amazed the viewers. It is quite impossible to have such a shine in the face at such an age and the secret behind it is quite clear.

Her old pictures and the new ones are pieces of evidence that plastic surgery has been her friend with growing age, and Botox is the one she is close with.

Reviewing her before and after photographs, Bash is speculated to have done facelift which is combined with Botox injection.

The dark circle free eyes disclose another procedure that she has possibly gone through. It seems like eyelift surgery has removed the crumplefrom the areas of her eyes.

Analyzing Bash’s overall appearance, it seems like she had breast implants as well since it sounds kind of impossible for a mother to have such uplifted breasts at her age.

However, Dana has not officially confessed any of her plastic surgeries. She has always preferred to stay quiet and has always denied the allegations when asked about the changed apparent in her.

Listed as one of the Washington Women Power, Dana Bash has made her fortune at CNN, accomplishing massive net worth of $2 million dollars

Dana Bash is a competitive journalist and anchorwoman for CNN. She is the network’s chief political correspondent and occasional anchorwoman. Additionally, she has worked as a correspondent for the White House and Capitol Hill.

Her aspiration to dig the gist of the politically related stories has made her one of the popular and admired journalists in American industry. Bash has once appeared in the list of Elle magazine's “Women in Washington Power List”. Moreover, she has been honored with the News and Documentary Emmy Award.

Bash, throughout her career, has managed to earn a net worth of $2 million dollars.

Her net worth, as well as her delightful and youthful age, has impressed the viewers. The touch-ups on her face have enhanced Bash's appearance and made her look much younger to her age. Dana Bash has denied the plastic surgery allegations but her radiant skin speaks the truth.