Rich Eisen, married since 2003, is enjoying a blissful paradise with his wife, Suzy Shuster. The sportscaster is receiving a high salary amounting to $1 million annually.

A happy & successful couple like Rich and Suzy knows that making their relationship a top priority is vital.They are aware of the ingredients that are needed to keep each other content & satisfied. Here we are discussing the personal life of Rich Eisen and will be gathering as much information as we can.

Rich has been known to be a one woman man and as his name “Rich” signifies wealth, this American journalist has a staggering net worth of $10 million.

Rich Eisen and wife Suzy Shuster are still bonding strong with adorable three kids

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Rich married Suzy in the year 2003, in a beautiful wedding attended by family members & close friends. Suzy Shuster is not only a gorgeous wife but also an Emmy Award-winning sportscaster of ABC Sports. Both successful and both happy, Rich and Suzy have pulled their nuptial and professions together with their mutual understanding.

Both successful and both happy, Rich and Suzy have pulled their nuptial and professions together with their mutual understanding.

Mostly for a married couple, falling in love & saying “Yes, I do” is the easiest part. Living happily after it is the part that takes a whole lot of work.

Lucky for Rich, his successful nuptial is in its 13th year. The pair has had a long run as husband and wife and is still sharing the same love & passion like they did before.

My hiking partner, in what is most probably our last Bjorn stroll. #ThisIsCardio #BigGirl

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Justifying the phrase 'small Family, happy family' with his family of five, including three children, Rich is really living a life every man can only dream of. From a beautiful wife to three adorable children and a thriving career, Rich is not only rich but seemingly is lucky as well.

With their two sons & one daughter, the couple is happily residing near Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills, California.

Possessing an impressive net worth, Rich Eisen is widely successful sportscaster

The American television journalist and sports newscaster have been widely successful in his career. Active in the media industry since early 1990, Rich has undoubtedly earned an immense popularity and has been able to accumulate a massive amount of net worth.

His net worth is estimated at $10 million, with an earning salary of $1 million per year.

Recently serving for the CBS Sports & NFL Network, Rich earlier started his career back in the 1990s when he worked as the staff writer for Staten Island Advance. Following which he was then a sports reporter for KRCR-TV.

Prior to his enrollment with NFL Network, he was an employee for ESPN, where he hosted the ESPN’s reality show called Beg, Borrow & Deal.

Even though he had a rookie start but Rich has evidently made a name for himself with his excellence in sports news casting & anchoring skill.

Rich's huge net worth & salary never fails to amaze us. Residing with his journalist wife & three children, Rich Eisen's married life is smooth with no considerable ups and downs.