Clayton Morris leaving Fox & Friends Weekend after 10 years with Fox News

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Fox & Friends Weekend host Clayton Morris has announced that he’s leaving the morning show. He has served 18 years in television and has worked on Fox News shows like The Daily Buzz and Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld.

Quick Facts About Clayton Morris

Name Clayton Morris
Children Ava Morris, Miles Morris, Eve Morris

Clayton Morris announced the news on Twitter

Morris took to Twitter today to relay the sad news to his 100K+ fans. He shared a black and white photo of the Fox News studio and wrote a heartfelt message in the caption. He wrote,

“Walking into this studio for the final time this morning. 18 years in broadcast morning television. I’m grateful but I’m ready to rock.”

- Clayton Morris

Clayton Morris announces Fox News exit on Twitter

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Morris was also a part of a rotating crew for Fox & Friends First. He hinted his departure on Sunday morning as he posted a photo of a screenshot showing his alarm. “Crazy. This is the last time I’ll ask Siri to wake me up this early,” wrote Morris in the caption. 

Fans are pouring their farewells on Twitter after Morris' shocking announcement.

Fans react on Twitter!

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Where is Clayton Morris going?

Morris has not yet revealed where he is headed next. Fans are on a frenzy on Twitter trying to find out where the famed host is going next.

September 4th was his last appearance on the show. His wife, Natali Morris, took to Twitter to show support for her husband. “Watching my husband @claytonmorris anchor his last show on Fox. I'm really proud of how he's represented himself over the last 10 years,” wrote Natali.

He and his wife have been married since 2010 and share three children.

Natali Morris on Twitter

During his last apperance on Fox & Friends, Morris revealed that he is going to focus on "new projects" and stay away from the broadcasting scene.

“I’m excited about this new chapter in my life. I don’t think you’ll ever see me on television ever again, so I’m not going anywhere else. I’m just gonna spend time with the family and focus on projects that I’m passionate about," said Morris.

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Kimberly Boland-King

I don't usually post comments on social media, but I wanted to say that I enjoyed hearing what you had to say, living through you vicariously (and laughing with you) on the various segments, and trusting that you would bring forth the truth on important topics. Wishing you the best on your new endeavors...but missing you at the same time.


Clayton why you have to go :( Miss You forever!!


He was never in his element. Tried too hard. Insecure. Not funny. I can watch fox on weekend mornings now.

Robert Boyer

I agree; I just didn't feel that Clayton came across as a good host should. He just didn't connect with viewers in my opinion. Seemed a little stiff and conceited at times.

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