If you are an antique collector, Pawn Stars might be on the list of your favorite shows. Humor has always been a secure spot in the showbiz world, and in the show, which chronicles the day-to-day happenings at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, Chumlee is the man for the job.

Having been a childhood friend of Corey, Chumlee joined the shop five years before the show was filmed in 2009. In the show’s earlier seasons, he was even referred to as a “village idiot” due to his incompetence and lack of intelligence. But, after he put forward his pinball machines in the season 2 episode entitled Pinball Wizards, he became a fan favorite in no time. While you might be well aware of a lot of things about him, a few things are still on the dark side. So, today, we are presenting five amusing facts about him.

#5. Biggest Sneaker Room in the World!

With a vast net worth of $5 million comes an extravagant lifestyle. What do you think defines the lavish lifestyle of Chumlee? Hold your thought for a second because you might be incorrect as his interest differs from that of a regular man. He is passionate about collecting shoes. And if you follow the show, you might have noticed Chumlee is always in a fresh pair of kicks.

Chumlee is holding a black and red colored shoes in his hand while standing in his sneaker room

Well, it might not be wrong to say that he has the biggest sneaker room in the world with more than 200 pairs of awesome sneakers. Out of all the shoes in his fantastic collection, a brown peanut butter-colored Nike pair is his favorite. Additionally, he is also an avid hat collector and has bins full of hats. Imagine that!

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#4. Candy Shop on the Boulevard

Chumlee taking a weight of candy on weighing machine

Besides his chucklesome appearance on the show, he runs a candy store, Chumlee’s Candy, on the Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada. He and his brother, Sage, co-own the shop. The shop offers “nostalgic, novelty, and bulk candy,” along with various sodas, unique keychains, coffee and bobbleheads.

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#3. Weight Loss Transformation

Chumlee’s weight loss journey started a few years back. In 2014, he surprised fans for the first time with some significant weight loss when he was on New Year’s vacation with his then-girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi. He followed a well-balanced diet and trimmed down 70 lbs within a year.

Chumlee attends an event in a white shirt and a black coat

While he was doing fine, giving up on all the junk food and working out six days a week, he underwent gastric sleeve surgery earlier this year. Starting with 320 pounds in 2013, he has lost some substantial weight. But, it might take a little more effort from him to reach his targeted weight of 170 pounds. Many miss the old chubby Chumlee, but they have welcomed his slimmer avatar with open arms.

#2. Caught in Death Hoax

Pawn Stars Chumlee standing on the edge of a balcony, there's a scenic Las Vegas night life behind him

Fake news travels around in no time in the celebrity world. Back in early 2014, the internet went crazy over the news of his death. In 2013, his death hoax started after a website named Internet Chronicle reported that the reality star had overdosed on marijuana. It sounds like a crazy joke! In 2014, a similar spoof article published by eBuzzd spawned more false rumors that he had passed away of a heart attack.

Later, he took to Twitter and debunked the rumor. His tweet reads,

@chumlee_ is ALIVE & WELL! He is 101 lbs down & in the best health of his life! Thanks for your concern! He is filming today at GS Pawn

Rick, who loves Chumlee just like his own son, Corey, also took to Twitter to address the death hoax and wrote,

Breaking news: CHUMLEE IS ALIVE & WELL! He is actually filming today but we all really appreciate everyone’s concern!

Fans were relieved to know that their favorite cast was well and alive. Tabloids, huh?

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#1. Celebrity Pet Pinky

Chumlee is holding his dog, Pinky standing on his candy shop

Apart from his passion for cars and shoes, he also has a soft spot for animals, especially “dogs.” He owns one and has named it “Pinky.” You might recall her from the show as she has appeared in a couple of episodes. In a way, she is already a celebrity, and now Chumlee has opened an Instagram account for her with the handle @pinkystinks. Talk about being famous!

What do you have to say about this funny & loveable Pawn Stars character? Let us know in the comments.


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