Chris Cuomo going through rough path : divorce ?

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Chris Cuomo is married to beautiful magazine editor of Gotham, Cristina Greeven. Their marriage ceremony was quite an interesting one which was organized in the beautiful location of Long Island, Southampton, New York on 24th November 2001.

After spending more than a decade together, it came in the news that they have made their mind to putting an end to their relation. Some media reports even confirmed about Chris's decision of giving up on his marriage life.

Chris has three kids from his wife Cristina.

Recently, he shared a video of her daughter, Carolina singing a shower song through his Instagram profile. She looks very cute in the video. Doesn't she?

The speculations about Chris and Cristina’s separation became widespread when there came a news that they are giving less time to each other.

Some close friends of Chris and Cristina gave some interesting facts about their relation. They revealed that Chris and Cristina were making their mind to dividing their way from each other since a long time.

Chris Cuomo is having second thoughts about separation because of kids

However, later it was revealed that they were giving the second thought about their separation because of their children.

Following the breakout of news regarding Chris and his wife's separation, there came a shocking news about his sexuality. Reports claimed that the subject is the major reason behind the couple's separation.

It even came in the news that Chris will openly come out as gay when he would end his relation with wife Cristina. However, these all are just speculations. Any confirmed news about Chris's true identity has not been published yet.

Just a year back in 2015, he compared interracial marriage to same-sex marriage while taking an interview with Republican Congressman Steve King.

Amidst the gossips, few sources revealed that Chris was having an extra-marital affair with his former girlfriend which has given another dimension to the separation speculation.

Chris Cuomo comes from the political family. His father Mario Cuomo was 52nd Governor of New York. Chris, himself has earned wide recognition as a television journalist. But now he is getting into media fame with on and off relation with wife Cristina.

He also comes into the highlight for sharing interesting posts on twitter. Just a few days ago, he shared an interesting post. Have a look at it.

All the different views that media has put forward in context with the news of Chris and his wife's separation has made one thing clear that the two are not having a smooth relationship. Amidst all the rumors and speculations made as the reasons behind separation, the true reason behind the falling marriage of Chris Cuomo is still unknown.

Chris Cuomo, well-known CNN journalist and his wife Christina Greeven has been married for more than a decade. Recently there came a news that the lovely couple is going through some problems in their married life, raising questions about their divorce among the fans.

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