Tamara Taylor, prevalently noticed as Dr. Camille Saroyan and her husband Miles Cooley called quit to their relation with divorce on 30th May 2012. Her current estimated net worth is $4 million dollars. Many people have wondered if her divorce with Miles had impacted on her net worth.Let’s find out.

She got hitched to Miles Cooley, an attorney by profession on 10th June2007. They conducted their wedding vows in an intimate ceremony at a beautiful place of Mexican beach.

Their wedding reception was organized at Hotel Esensica on Riviera Maya. At the marriage ceremony, she wore red sari which was weaved with precious ornaments crystal and beads.

Tamara got engaged to longtime sweetheart in April2006. Miles took the initiative to put marriage proposal in front of her by giving a diamond solitaire ring.

Tamara and Miles had known each other for several years before they married but their post marriage connection went on for only five years. Tamara said the final goodbye to partner Miles on 30th May2012.

But what made them end their relation in a divorce? What exactly happened between them? That’s still an unsolved riddle. Anyway, the couple had made their decision and called their relation off.

Tamara Taylor is considered as one of the talented actresses of American entertainment industry. She kept her initial phase in the acting world assuming the role of Roast Attendee in NBC’s television sitcom A Different World. However, her leap forward role came as Grace Wilcox in teen drama series Party of Five.

In 2006, she started to get perceive as Dr. Camille Sarroyan in crime procedural TV series Bones. She is still a part of the popular drama series.

Besides, Taylor has been a part of several successful movies such as Senseless, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Serenity and Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Many people thought that it would be difficult for Tamara to manage time for her career after she took the responsibility as a wife. But in reality, it didn’t have any effect in her work. She gave continuity to her work and made it more impactful.

Even after getting separated with Miles, she didn’t go out of her work track and is still portraying the character of Dr. Camille Saroyan in the series Bones as gracefully as before.

Exceptionally talented actress, Tamara Taylor presently holds a net worth of $4 million. And, from her appearance and dedication toward her work, Taylor’s personal life issues don’t appear to have made any effect on her work life or net worth. Quitting her five years of marital relation in 2012, Tamara Taylor is currently living a blissful single life, showing no impact on her work life as well as net worth.