CNN anchor Chris Cuomo didn’t hold back when his followers on Twitter probed him about the two recent trending topics; Houston flood and President Donald Trump pardoning Joe Arpaio.

“#Arpaio was controversial for many years and for good reason,” said Cuomo on Twitter.

Fans on Twitter were impressed with Cuomo’s takedown on the Arpaio pardoning. One tweeted their appreciation of his “real” reporting, “I knew @ChrisCuomo with his legal background would be piiiiiissed abt Arpaio pardon. Appreciate ur expertise breaking it down!! #RealNews.”

To this, Cuomo replied promptly writing, “Not so much about his legal authority, but moral authority and potus political agenda. #arapio is a clear signal abt what trump values.”


Not everyone was happy with Cuomo’s words. Cuomo fired back at one Travis Carrell, who pointed out that Cuomo be honest about his feelings on Arpaio. 

Carrell wrote, “Yet you had no problem with @RealSheriffJoe having his rights stepped on in a kangaroo court? None of that seemed odd? Be honest for once,” to which Cuomo replied, “there is zero legal basis for your conclusion. you act on feelings, not fact. thats a problem with politics influencing the law.”

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