Ferraris and Lamborghinis are too mainstream when you are a Hollywood celebrity. 

These stars have moved on from the streets to the skies. 

Whether it is their passion or a symbol of status, celebrities like to fly over everyone in their shiny helicopters. 

Here are 6 celebrities who have their own helicopter. 

Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie gifted Pitt a chopper as a surprise gift in 2012 while they were together. 

Jolie reportedly paid $ 1.6 million for the helicopter and a few hundred more for his flying lessons. 

Clint Eastwood

Eastwood owns and flies his own helicopter and allowed “60 Minutes” cameras to join him on a flight in 2008. 

The “Million Dollar Baby” actor has been a private helicopter pilot for more than 30 years and still flies in his 80’s. 

Harrison Ford

Screen legend Harrison Ford owns Bell 407 helicopter and several other small aircrafts. 

Throughout the years, Ford has been involved in several rescue missions.  

James Cameron

Academy Award-winning director James Cameron owns a JetRanger helicopter. 

In addition, he also owns a yacht, a Humvee fire truck and a fleet of submarines. 

Burt Reynolds

“Boogie Nights” actor Reynolds purchased a helicopter only to be able to land in his front yard.

He once dumped horse manure on National Enquirer building from his helicopter. 

P Diddy

Sean P. Diddy Combs owns a helicopter which he sometimes takes for a spin when he is not in the mood to drive. 

Diddy also owns a private jet which he uses to travel across cities.