Carey Lowell is an outstanding model and an actress having spent three decades in the movie industry. Famously known as the bond girl, Lowell is very successful in her professional career but equally misfortunate in her personal life.

She was married thrice previously but all the three marriages ended in a divorce. She is the mother of two sons.

At first, she tied the knot with fashion photographer John Stember in 1984 when she was 23 years old. After four years, they parted ways.

Shortly after her first divorce, she married actor Griffin Dunne in 1989 with whom she had a daughter Hannah, who is now 25. Their marriage lasted for 6 years, finally separating in 1995.

Again in 2002, she married American actor Richard Gere. She has a son, Homer James, with him, who is now 15 years old. She dated Gere for a long time before finally tying the knot with him. And once more she filed for the divorce in 2013, after 11 years of togetherness.

Carey Lowell is having a cordial settlement with Richard Gere and is happy with boyfriend Tom Freston

The annulment settlement between Carey Lowell and Richard Gere was in good terms. They worked out their custody for son Homer and are about to settle his $250 million fortune cordially.

It is said that Gere cheated on Lowell. Gere even dated Top Chef host, Padma Lakshmi for a brief time in 2014.

Now it’s been 33 months of their separation and they are still involved in the divorce proceedings. Gere, 66, is rushing for the settlement to marry a Spanish beauty Silva, who is 33. Carey’s son, Homer, has been living with Gere and his future stepmom in Rome.

After three failed marriages, the actress is dating a new guy, Tom Freston. Whether he is her fourth husband is yet to be known. Carey Lowell’s third divorce is still in the process.

Carey Lowell, the former bond girl, has married thrice in her life. Trying her luck again, she is dating Tom Freston but there is no news about them getting married. Will Carey make Tom Freston her fourth husband?