American sports journalist Bonnie Lynn Bernstein has been rumored to have an affair with a married man, Bill Belichick. Having married twice in the past, Bonnie has not discussed anything with media about her marriage with Bill.

Personal Life: Married, Husband, Boyfriend or Divorced?

Bonnie’s  personal life issues have always been in controversies. It is evident from the conjugal relationships she has had in the past which ended up in divorce within a short period. She married twice and was divorced twice too.

Her first marriage was with Roy Thornton with whom she filed a divorce after few years. Her second husband was Grant Reynolds and again after some time both got separated.ESPN Sport News reporter, Bonnie Bernstein

Subsequently, she was rumored to have an affair with Bill Belichick, who was already married while she was working with ESPN. The affair news which became viral in the media received criticism from many people. But the rumors turned out to be fake when Bonnie confirmed that she was never in a romantic link with Bill. After that, she has had affairs with more men as well.

The 46 years old Bonnie, who was enlisted among the 15 hottest media person still looks hot while appearing on the television. This gorgeous sports journalist’s current relationship status is single which is quite unbelievable. She prefers to keep her personal life secret so there hasn’t been any news about her current dating relationship.

Bonnie’s Short Bio

Born on August 16, 1970, Bonnie is an American national who is involved in the field of sports in a journalism career. She has been named as one of the successful women sportscasters in the world by American Sportscasters Association.

Campus Insider's host Bonnie Bernstein

Besides sports, she is vice President of the Content and Brand Development of the Campus Insiders. She is also related to the On-air program ‘Face’. Furthermore, she freelances for The Dan Patrick Show, ESPN, and DirecTV. She also serves as a guest commentator on several networks like MSNBC, NBC and Fox News Channel. Born in Brooklyn and growing up in New Jersey, she went to Howell High School and later attended the University of Maryland where she graduated in broadcast journalism. She was also an enthusiastic athlete during her year in the university.

She started her career from WXJN-FM radio and was later associated to WMDT-TV in Maryland.After that, she started working with NBC where she was the first ever female to become Reno, Nevada’s sports anchor. She then joined ESPN in 1995 as its Chicago Bureau, where she covered Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bull’s record-setting championship run. She joined CBS sports for short period and returned to ESPN in 2006 as a field reporter for Sunday Night Baseball. She is currently working for ESPN. Despite the major issues in her life, she has been successfully perceived as one of the influential and powerful media personalities.

This energetic and enthusiastic sports journalist must have a massive salary, though the estimated net worth is yet to be revealed.