Geezer Butler, the bassist of Black Sabbath, is known to be among the first bassists to use the “wah-wah” pedal. 

Born on July 17, 1949, in Birmingham, England, Butler became inspired by John Lennon and learned rhythm guitar. 

In 1967, Butler along with his school-mate John “Ozzy” Osbourne formed a band, Rare Breed

After guitarist, Tony, and drummer, Bill, joined them in 1969, they renamed the band to Black Sabbath. 

Tony became the lead guitarist of the band while Butler, influenced by Jack Bruce of Cream, handled the bass.

At the time of Black Sabbath’s formation, Butler was studying to become an accountant, and he ended up managing band’s finances in early days.

In 1980, Butler left the band to deal with his personal issues. During this period, the band was recording their ninth studio album, Heaven and Hell.

After his return, Ozzy left the band. Later, Ronnie James Dio joined the band as a vocalist for the band’s ongoing album, Heaven and Hell

Again in 1984, Butler left the band soon after finishing their tour for the support of their 1983 album, Born Again.

Later in 1988, he joined former bandmate, Ozzy, to take part in No Rest for the Wicked World Tour. 

Butler formed the heavy metal band in 1995, and released albums like Plastic Planet and Black Science.

Although he founded G/Z/R, in 1997, Butler re-joined Sabbath and has remained with the band since then. 

Butler is married to Gloria Butler, the manager from Heaven and Hell. The couple has two children, Biff Butler and James Butler.

From his overall career in music, he has accumulated an estimated net worth of $70 million as of 2018.