The rodent catchers Billy Bretherton and his team became reality stars through A&E’s hit show ‘Billy the Exterminator.’

During its seven-season run, the exterminators roamed around pretty dark places in search of the rodents and vermin.

As dark as the places they’ve been, the show possesses some dark secrets behind the scene that you might not know.

Here are Secrets Behind Billy The Exterminator you never knew 

Billy favors the cute animals

Although the rodent catcher claims that he isn’t bias regarding the animals, his actions speak otherwise.

Some viewers noticed that Billy mostly favors the cuter critters and tries to relocate them than to “exterminate” as he usually does.

Billy’s arrest for drug possession

In 2012, Billy and his wife Mary were arrested for the possession of marijuana after a 911 call led police into their hotel room.

However, because of a plea deal, they didn’t have to serve the jail time and only completed community service and paid fine. 

Billy’s sunglasses

His black shades definitely go well with his goth/rock-n-roll style. However, it’s not just for the looks.

He wears it to prevent irritation to his eyes due to the bright lights behind the camera.

Edit-proofing the scenes

Editing the scenes to maintain a steady flow can be tricky as chopping an entire scene can omit important information.

To prevent this whilst editing, Billy and Ricky continuously explain what they’re doing every now and then during a scene.

Billy’s tendency to push women off the show

Billy has a reputation for disliking gossip and dramas, particularly involving women.

He reportedly pushed Ricky’s ex-wife, Pam, off the show to avoid drama with him.