Bianna Golodryga has not been public about her salary, but she is assumed to have a net worth of $3 million. Bianna, a finance and business analyst at Yahoo, has defied aging signs in her forties. Did she give into plastic surgery?

What is the reason for Bianna Golodryga’s youthful face? Plastic surgery?

Numerous photographs of Bianna’s “transformation” have made the headlines. Coupled with a beautiful smile, Bianna’s flawless face attracts more viewers now than it did ten years ago when she was still struggling for a successful ABC career. This led people to speculate that she must have undergone plastic surgery.

While Bianna is yet to officially acknowledge the rumors of plastic surgery, we cannot help but wonder that her face contours have somehow changed. After all, how can someone in their late thirties look better than their younger self?

Quite frankly, successful journalists with hectic schedules are expected to have noticeable wrinkles or any other aging signs on their faces.

Many have assumed that she must have used facelift procedures after stepping into her thirties.  Also, it is likely that she regularly took Botox injections that now provide help her full cheeks and flawless skin.

How much does Golodryga earn? Know her net worth

Bianna’s performance at Yahoo earns her a huge salary. She joined Yahoo’s finance and business department in 2014.

Previously, she was an anchor at Good Morning America. She had also appeared in other popular TV shows like Morning Joe and Way Too Early.

Bianna has a net worth of $3 million. She is yet to publicly disclose her salary. In addition, she is married to the rather wealthy Peter R. Orszag, managing director at Lazard.