AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons, an American non-profit making group aimed at persons above 50. It is slapping Luke Perry, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ featuring him on the special birthday cover of its magazine.

The actor just celebrated his 50th birthday on October 11 and AARP magazine was here to remind us. The organization of retired Americans celebrated still lively actor’s big day by placing him on its magazine cover.

Perry played Dylan McKay, who bounced between romancing Brenda Walsh & her best pal Kelly Taylor, on the 1990s hit show. Perry looked 35 when he had his first cast as a high-schooler in ‘Beverly Hill: 90210’, but he was just 24. He was a Dylan, the troubled, motorcycle-riding, mountain-climbing heartthrob, whose portrayal graced millions of youngsters heart.

Our teenage crush is now a member of a 50-plus group and you maybe probably totally thrilled or speechless.

Though, the insider for AARP gushed to The Huffington Post that the image featured on the cover isn’t an official cover of the magazine’s copy, but it was created for a bit a fun to rejoice actor’s birthday on social media, fans are still worried over bad boy Dylan McKay being a card-carrying member of the retired American’s organization.

In fact, Warren Beatty, 79, is featured on the magazine’s cover of Oct/Nov 2016 issue.

After seeing the cover, fans proceeded to react. They took to social media, some of them are as given below.

No words yet from Perry about the “special birthday cover” or whatever he thinks about it.

Anyways, Happy Birthday, Luke!.