Bernice Burgos is not the one to hide her imperfections. In an honest interview with XXL magazine in 2011, the successful model and entrepreneur revealed that she opted for plastic surgery to get the upper hand in her budding modeling career. 

Bernice Burgos had plastic surgery on her br€asts

Bernice admitted to having gotten implants on her br€asts for more perkiness. No wonder she looks fabulous in her music videos and each one of her Instagram photos!

Bernice Burgos wearing a sexy see through lace jumpsuit

On getting implants, she said, “From working a lot, I have to. Being a model, they tell you to wear this jacket and wear this shirt without a bra. I had t**ties, but they weren’t sitting up there. I had to get that fixed. That was the best thing I ever did in my life.” She had begun modeling at age 27 after getting an agent’s number from a fellow model.

Find out what Bernice Burgos says about her pregnant daughter Ashley Burgos in her new Instagram story.

Bernice Burgos: Before and After Plastic Surgery

A look at her Instagram profile, @realberniceburgos, and it’s not hard to imagine why her fans worship her. Her flawless curves, complimented by her big buttocks, have ensured that she looks gorgeous in every picture she takes.

Her followers might deny this, but Bernice doesn’t think her buttocks are “that big.” She explained that she follows a regular workout regime to maintain her curvy figure.

In addition to her sexy photos, Bernice also posts workout videos on Instagram. In one of her such videos, which was posted on October 27, 2016, she shared that she’s proud of herself “for incorporating working out” into her life and loved the results.

Bernice Burgos starred in DJ Khaled’s music video! Her other music videos

She further wrote, “Even though I’ve done surgery on my body that sh*t don’t last long…cause you still get fat again LOL. But working out makes me feel so good and keeping myself in good spirit.”

Is Bernice Burgos Still Dating T.I.?

Rumors have surfaced that she was dating rapper turned actor Clifford Joseph Harris best known as T.I., while previously dating famous rapper Drake. The couple was spotted together in Las Vegas for the first time in early March 2017.

However, recently Burgos addressed the rumors. The model reacted to gossipy tidbits about her wrecking T.I.’s marriage after Tiny alluded to her as a “pass around bitch” on Instagram.

An Instagram post by a woman blaming Bernice Burgos for wrecking T.I. marriage with wife Tiny. Bernice Burgos also took to Instagram to slam the person who posted about her.

“That home had BEEN broken,” Burgos wrote in the post’s comments. “Also, I’ve NEVER managed a married guy in my life… Technically when a man records for separation, its adage, they’re proceeding onward with their lives, and their marriage has bombed… NEVER have I at any point been passed around.” She also touched on her relationship with T.I. in videos posted online.

While Bernice claimed that she and T.I. are just good friends, she seemed to insinuate that they were also together.

The mother of two daughters, Bernice Burgos, is running a clothing company with her daughter.

However, T.I. got married to his girlfriend, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, in 2010. But In December, Tiny filed for divorce from T.I. after nearly seven years of marriage. The couple has three children together.

Her Previous Relationship with Rapper Drake and Knight

She previously dated rapper Drake. Burgos and Drake had known each other for like sixteen months or more before they were seen together in Australia.

Although the relationship did not get official, Drake had a track where he mentioned Burgos. Burgos was additionally seen with another person, Marion “Suge” Knight.