Relationships come with an expiry date, lucky one’s relationship lasts until lifetime and some relations end up before they take off. One such couple facing the aftermath of relations is “The Bachelor” couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell.

The reality couple has just begun their new show “Happily ever after”. The show is doing fine, but the couple who are hosting the show seems unhappy with the way their relation is going.

According to the reports, the couples are facing differences and conflicts in their relations due to which the couple is getting couple counsellings.

However, Ben and Lauren are yet to admit the presence of any conflicts in their relation. According to the couple, they want to make their relation stable and fruitful and hence they are in touch with a relation counselor. Also, as per them, a frequent visit to relation counselor will make them ready to face a problem when one arises.

The couple might have successfully denied the reports of conflict in their relation but people close to them are yet to be convinced that their relation is as Blissful as they say.

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An insider to both Ben and Lauren disclosed that the couple doesn’t interact during breaks. They like spending their spare times taking photos with their guests rather than with each other.

The reason behind the sad cloud in their relation is still unknown but the scene of the relation falling miserable has kept both Ben and Lauren under pressure, as they try to maintain their relation and achieve their happily ever after.

She will always be getting my rose

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Some reports, most notably the New York Post, has also indicated the end of their relation as they believe their reality show “Ben and Lauren Happily ever after” also won’t be able to join the broken pieces of their relationship.

The reports and the rumors of conflicts in their relations have placed question marks about their expected marriage. The pair might have stated that they are sticking to their relations but their inability to match step with each other indicates a different ending to their relation.

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People close to the couple believe that their fame and personality became a thorn in their relation. Their lust for professional success stardom has painted their relation with the color of disappointments and sadness.