Barry Weiss is an American antique collector best known for appearing in the A&E reality TV series, Storage Wars.

Barry, who appeared in the show from season 1 to 4, earned the nickname, “The Collector.”

As of 2018, the antique collector has garnered a net worth of approximately $10 million.

With that amount of net worth that he has, Barry Weiss has got to have an eccentric collection of cars, bikes, and antiques.

Here are five cars that Barry Weiss owns or has owned in the past (To Be Displayed)

Cowboy Cadillac

This car is a custom 1994 Cadillac, and it was originally built by the legendary builder, Frank DeRosa.

According to The Richest, Barry bought the car after selling his purple Frank DeRosa custom “King of Mercs.”

1932 Ford Roadster

The 1932 Ford Roadster sports elegant red interiors, checkered door panels, a Ford 351 Windsor, and a luggage compartment that opens up to reveal a back seat.

According to the YouTube Channel, ScottieDTV, Barry sold the car to one of Scottie’s friend, Wayne in 2015.

1940 Ford COE Truck

The cab-over-engine (COE) features a ‘95 Chevy 355 small-block engine and Turbo 350 transmission.

Barry sold the 1940 COE truck to a good friend of his and a car collector, Bob Doran.


The ‘Beatnik’ was originally a 1955 Ford but was later transformed into the world largest bubble top car by Gary “Chopit” Fioto.

The car took over three years to build, and it features a Cadillac front end and Chevrolet 350-cu-in small-block V8 engine.

Blastolene Decoliner

The Blastolene Decoliner was uniquely and masterfully built by American master craftsman, Randy Grubb.

The “Tank Car” has a top speed of over 145 mph, and it can generate about 810 hp at 2800 RPM.

Barry invited Brandi Passante to eat burritos with him in the car in one of the episodes of Storage Wars.