Barry Weiss was one of the favorite auctioneer known for his appearance in A&E hit series, Storage Wars.

His interest in antique collection pulled the attention of the show’s producers and made him a part of the show.

Weiss appeared as one of the main buyers in the show’s first four seasons and reportedly earned over $10k per episode.

So, fans are wondering what happened to him? Why did he leave the show?

While appearing in the show, he didn’t try to get the best lockers, but ultimately he would always surprise others with a win.

Barry, who became one of the fan favorites, left the show and has never talked about the reason of his departure.

After leaving the original series, he appeared in his own spin-off series, Barry’s Treasure, which aired for eight episodes in 2014.

The show featured him traveling across the US in search of collectibles and antiques. 

In 2015, he also appeared in a new spin-off, Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back, where he reviewed and added new commentary for past episodes with his friend, Kenny Crossley. 

Afterward, he showed up nowhere, prompting fans to ask what happened to him.

In 2017, in an interview with a TMZ, he said that he has got back to his old job of “professional slacker.”

He has expressed his interest in doing a show where he could travel and do something with cars.rt

He has a huge car collection. A few of his cars were featured in ‘Storage Wars.’

As of 2018, he has accumulated a huge net worth of $10 million.