Fan have long been wondering how much plastic surgery Barry Manilow has undergone and how much money he has wasted on it. Scroll down to clear your curiosity.

Several media outlets have reported that the 73-year-old singer had had extensive work done on his face including facelift, eyelid surgery, nose job and cheek implants in the past. His wrinkles free forehead is likely due to Botox injections.

In 2003, he made headlines for reportedly having both an upper and lower facelift and removing sagging skins from around his eyes. Few month before that he confessed he would undergo surgery to get his nose repaired, which was broken while he accidentally walked into a wall in the dark.

A lot of celebrities have come up with elaborate stories to explain why they have had surgery to avoid saying they are simply having plastic surgery to enhance their looks. Dr. Alex Karidis made the similar comments on Barry’s nose job.

Though he has never openly admitted to his work done, whole procedures are expected to cost him about $70,000.