Internationally acclaimed for her daring coverage and astounding reporting from Baghdad during the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein and his two co-defendants, the 2010 Iraq elections and her initiative ‘Impact Your World’, Arwa Damon is an Arab-American journalist, currently working as a CNN’s senior international correspondent. In addition to this, she is as well the founder and president of a humanitarian organization called “INARA”.

Inspired by her mom, Arwa Damon follows Muslim as her religion

Arwa was born in Boston, Massachusetts to an American father, headmaster of the American Community School at Beirut and a Syrian mother who was the daughter of the former prime minister of Syria.

Fluent in Arabic, French, Turkish and English, she spent most of her childhood in Morocco and Istanbul and later returned to the States after graduating from Robert College in Istanbul, Turkey in 1994. She graduated with honors from Skidmore College, New York in 1999 with a double major in French and Biology and International Affairs as a minor.

Inspired by her Syrian mother who was Muslim, Arwa follows Muslim as her religion.

Husband-less Arwa Damon does not have record of having boyfriend

One of the most acclaimed journalists, Damon is yet to get married and it does not seem like she is exchanging the wedding vows with anyone, anytime sooner.

Dedicated towards her career,she has never been in the news for having a boyfriend. Perhaps, Damon’s busy work schedule has kept her too busy to get cozy with any man.

Arwa Damon salary and fame goes hand-in-hand

Before getting into journalism, Damon worked for a high-end textile manufacturer. Her strong command over the language, the highly sought after skills and the never ending passion for work landed her into a job of a reporter that has always brought out the best in her.

Prior to joining CNN in February 2006, Arwa had three years experience of working as a freelance producer for the Middle East working for channels like PBS, Fox News, CNN and others that provided her with an opportunity to work in the war zone which later became her core strength. Her journalism career kick-started after joining the Camera Planet.

After earning worldwide recognition, following the coverage of the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein, she got a chance to report about the distressed condition of the Iraqi women prisoners by being the first television reporter allowed inside the Khamiya women’s prison.

She covered the events like Thailand’s Red Shirt Movement, the election in Indonesia, Libyan protest against the leadership of president Moammar Gadhafi, Egypt’s protest against President Mubarak and the election of Philippine president and more.

She has covered most events that have both political and historical importance. Though her salary has not been disclosed but considering her work and reputation as a reporter, it’s quite easy to say that she is getting high paychecks.

Arwa Damon has thousands of fans following in twitter

An inspiration to everyone, Arwa Damon has fans following throughout the globe. Appreciated for her work multiple times, she has won a number of awards including Investigative Reporters and Editors’ IRE Award and Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story – Long Form among others.