Tom Brokaw, a dashing media figure with a net worth of whopping $80 million battled with a blood cancer, an incurable but treatable disease. He has remained silent about his salary.

In an interview on Monday morning in the show Today, he spoke about his battle with multiple myeloma, a fatal disease of the blood. He also revealed how the battle for a life against the serious illness has made him appreciate life more.

The 76-years-old journalist met few incredible people suffering from the blood cancer, including one of his younger family friends, who lost his life to it. Appreciating the man’s bravery he said “Michael had a much more serious form of cancer than I did, but I was witness to his bravery and optimism. He and I would talk about fatigue and how no one could understand. The bravest guy I’ve ever met at that age, and I’ll miss him every day.”

He talked about how hard his struggle had been through the times, mostly during the chemotherapy treatments on a daily basis. His daughter Jennifer played a big role by asking what research to look for and how the treatments could be followed after he’s diagnosed with the highly treatable form of cancer.

He had kept his disease a secret between himself and his wife until August 2013, when it was publicized through NBC News. He was rushed to Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic for an emergency treatment when he fainted while he was fishing nearby his Montana ranch. Regular chemotherapy is what treated his disease and saved him till date.

American journalist and author Brokaw has managed to amass a great wealth into his accounts mainly through his anchoring and hosting works. Credits to his heightened success in journalism go majorly to his work as a managing director and lead anchor of NBC Nightly News (1982-2004).

Immediately after graduating in Political Science from the University of Dakota, he first landed a job at an Iowa-based TV station KITV. Afterward, Tom made his way through the various stations in Georgia and Nebraska before heading to NBC News in the year 1996. His initial job at NBC was as an anchor for Los Angeles-based station 11pm News and gained wide exposure during his 6 years tenure as host in NBC News show Today Show.

Outside of television, Tom has indulged in writing books. Among his seven books, The Greatest Generation released in 1998 earned him several honors.

The bold American journalist, Brokaw has been appreciating life ever since he was diagnosed with the blood cancer. The owner of $80 million net worth Tom Brokaw hasn’t revealed how big paychecks he receives from NBC News.