Antonia Thomas was allegedly linked with Iwan Rheon, best known as Game of Thrones ‘ Ramsay Bolton. They were one of the most loved pairs on television. However, the story didn’t turn in their favor off-screen. Antonia is now in a relationship with Michael Shelford, allegedly!

Antonia Thomas and her boyfriend?

Antonia’s fans loved seeing her on-screen romance with dashing actors Iwan Rheon and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in Misfits, the hit series.

Antonia Thomas attending her friends' wedding with Michael Shelford, are they any soon on getting married?

A few years back, rumors started surfacing in the media that Thomas was in love with Iwan and they had gotten engaged too. However, the rumor vanished as both of them made no comments.

Twitter sensation Antonia Thomas has a perfect bikini figure!

After her alleged link-up with Iwan, she never popped in the headlines for her relationship stories until a year ago, when she revealed that she was in a relationship with someone in an interview. She didn’t prefer spelling her boyfriend’s name out.

Maybe she left the task for the paparazzi. After a little stalking into Antonia’s social media accounts, it isn’t too hard to figure out the relationship she shares with Michael Shelford.

Michael is a London-based- photographer. Furthermore, Antonia spends quality time with her alleged boyfriend out of her busy schedule.

Thomas leads an up-and-coming career and wishes to grab more of what she already has, which is what all the rising stars do. Antonia prefers to hit the news with her success story rather than temporary dating stories like many other stars. Furthermore, she remains focusing on her career right now, and marriage can come later.

Antonia Thomas was lucky enough to get her breakthrough role just after graduation.