Ann Curry, supposedly the highest paid female journalist in America, and husband Brian Ross were college sweethearts. They have been married for 31 years- a very long time. However, in recent days, there were speculations that Ann and Brian are headed for a divorce.

Ann Curry and Brian Ross are still very much in love and have no immediate plans to separate

Ann and her husband Brian were a college couple – together since they first met. Brian is the CEO of a software executive, not to be confused with another Brian Ross who is an investigative TV journalist.

While their professional fields are quite different, their mutual understanding has kept their married life strong and healthy. On the accord, their relationship is still full of early day’s passion and care.

Ann and Brian have two children: daughter Mckenzie Curry Ross and son William Walker Curry Ross. The Curry family lives in Connecticut, USA. The family seems to take significant measures to put their personal issues out of media spotlight.

However, many in the industry speculated that the couple was having increasing differences were considering a separation. The couple denied all the rumours and responded in a hilarious joint statement: “We did not know we were headed for divorce.”

Both Ann Curry and Brian Ross make efforts to spend quality time with their family of four

Although one of the most admirable public figures, Ann has been remarked for not showing great on-screen chemistry with the Today co-anchors. However, out of the camera spotlight, Ann is a different person – pleasant and caring.

She is devoted to spending free time with her family. Like any other loving mother, Ann is filled with remorse that she is unable to always be there for her children. She particularly enjoys planning vacations with Brian, traveling to new places and playing indoors with children.

While it takes a great deal of effort to maintain the balance between professional and personal life, Ann loves both her career and the family. Hence, it is very improbable that she is planning to leave a family that she sincerely adores.

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If the information above still does not persuade you that the couple is not divorcing, Ann and Brian have attended several events together. The happy couple is seen sharing jokes and smiles – characteristic features of a happy married life. Also after 31 years of marriage, someone is less likely to separate without a big, valid reason!

Ann Curry is one of the most recognizable faces in the news industry. She’s always in the news for her job but only seldom do we see her personal life on the internet. As far as divorce rumors go, there is no concrete information whether Ann Curry is separating from her husband.