Andrew Zimmern’s life with his wife of years has been of great interest. After all, he is one of the famous names in the culinary world. The one who travels worldwide searching for the peculiar taste in food has a lot to share about his work life. But what is life like behind the cameras?

Andrew Zimmern is quite secretive about his wife and son

Andrew Zimmern remains quite tight-lipped when it comes to his personal life. Though there are few mentions of the chef’s wife by the media outlets. But here are some details about the inside scoops. 

Andrew Zimmern with wife Rishia Haas

Andrew married Rishia Haas on December 29, 2002. The TV host hasn’t bothered to share much about his married life, but it seemed to happen hastily, as he mentioned in an interview.

He divulged, “We could not wait to be married,” and in the meantime, he also seemed apologetic due to the mistiming for the party. He said, “And I can’t think of anything crueler to do to my friends and family in New York and Los Angeles than to have them come here in the middle of January.”

The 56-year-old chef did take a moment to share about his wife in an interview. He mentioned his wife a couple of times, considering her the best travel partner. Along with that, he also called her an ideal vacation partner.

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From all these, we can figure out that the couple is going strong and is nowhere near to divorce. As the pair shares a teenage son, Noah, he can be another reason to bind them together with love.

Andrew Zimmern's son Noah is sitting on a animal sculptor. Andrew is standing behind his son.

Even after a decade and a half of marriage, the pair hasn’t shared much about their married life. The same thing applies when it comes to their son. However, the chef often shares pictures with his son on social media. 

Hopefully, Andrew will be comfortable talking openly about his wife and son shortly.

Andrew involved himself in various philanthropic activities

Andrew has not forgotten where he comes from, so he has been involved in numerous charities. Cited as a warm personality, he is seen lecturing about entrepreneurship and insights on food issues to Babson College’s The Lewis Institute for Social Innovation students. 

Bizarre Foods creator and host Andrew Zimmern

Via James Beard Foundation, the funds Zimmern’s Second Chances Scholarship offers a second chance to the students who have overcome extreme challenges and show them a path to culinary arts. He also serves as a member of B.O.D. of the National Youth Recovery Foundation, Services for the Underserved, Taste of the NFL and Foodie Tout.