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Amy Freeze with husband Gary Arbuckle and children

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Amy Freeze and husband Gary are with their children at the ice skate rink. Amy and Gary share four children together.

Amy Freeze and her husband Gary Arbuckle became parents for the first time with the birth of their son Tyler Arbuckle. The couple later adopted two sons and a daughter.

Amy Freeze is reporting outdoors, wearing jacket, beanie and gloves. She is holding a mic with the logo of ABC 7 and her jacket also has the same logo. 1 of 6 Swipe To View More 6
ABC 7 meteorologist, Amy FreezeAmy Freeze, a meteorologist at ABC 7Amy Freeze runs the New York City MarathonAmy Freeze, the meteorologist for WABC-TV in New York CityMeteorologist Amy Freeze on the streets of New YorkAmy Freeze

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