Family man Al Roker praises every moment of his marital life

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Al Roker’s first marriage with WNBC producer Alice Bell ended in a divorce in 1994. They were married for a decade and share a daughter named Courtney Roker. She was born in 1987.

A year after the divorce, Roker married Deborah Roberts. She is also a journalist and an author who is renowned for her association with the ABC network. Deborah is also recognized for her frequent appearance on Good Morning America as a substitute reporter.

Roker met Deborah for the first time when she joined NBC in 1990. Their wedding ceremony took place on 16 September 1995 at Mr. and Mrs. George Como’s home based in Peekskill, New York. 

Roker and Deborah are proud parents of two children. Their eldest child, daughter Leila Roker was born in 1998 while their son Nicholas Albert Roker was born in 2002.

Unlike his first marriage, Roker’s marriage with Deborah seems a lot stronger. They can often be seen complementing each other. In an interview with Today, Deborah said, “I love the fact that he tries to take things in stride in a very warm and funny way.” And in response to her statement, Roker quoted, “She’s a very compassionate person and I think has instilled that in our kids and a lot of it’s rubbed off on me.”

Roker and Deborah are currently residing in Manhattan, New York.

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