Updated: 12/29/2017 03:57 PM | First Published: 10/13/2017 05:52 PM

Aaron Kaufman is returning to TV with a new show, Shifting Gears

Monkey Garage team member, Aaron Kaufman trying his hand on plane

Aaron Kaufman is returning to TV with a new show in Discovery channel titled ‘Shifting Gears.’

The show is expected to premiere in early 2018.

The show will revolve around the works being done in Aaron’s company, Arclight Fab.

Arclight Fab manufactures the parts for Ford F-100 trucks.

As a truck enthusiast, the company is a dream project of Kaufman.  

With Arclight Fab, he hopes to fill the gap between demand and supply of parts for F-100 trucks.

He hopes to supply parts like suspensions, soft goods, chassis, motor programs and electronics.

Aaron started Arclight Fab after he left the show ‘Fast N’ Loud’.

This news will cheer fans who were disappointed from his departure from the show.

Aaron has been absent from TV since his departure from ‘Gas Monkey Garage’ last December.

Aaron had hinted his return to TV and explained that the probable new program will focus strictly on having fun with cars.

Richard Rawlings, the owner of Gas Monkey Garage, is excited on Aaron’s return to TV.

Aaron and Richard had worked together for 14 years in Richard’s garage.

The fact that Aaron left GMG on good terms gives us hope that Richard will make appearance on the new show.