Cassie Scerbo’s curvaceous body looks smoking hot in the bikinis or any other clothes she wears. Her attire never fails to flatter her sexy measurements. Dreamgirl of many men, Cassie’s boyfriend would perhaps be the luckiest person on the earth.

Regular workout gives Cassie Scerbo the confidence to flaunt her body measurements

Cassie Scerbo, besides having a deep passion for her work life, has an intense fantasy for bikinis. In summers, she can always be found to be on holidays on a nice warm beach. More interestingly, bikinis never leave her body if she is on those beaches.

Starts in my toes, makes me wrinkle my nose ☺️☀️

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Her curves can clearly be seen when she is wearing a bikini or even a dress. Just 25 now, Cassie stands 1.57 m tall and weighs approximately 49 kilos. It gives her a normal Body Mass Index(BMI) of 19.8. Well, from this we can conclude that she obviously doesn’t look like any of the skinny models from the fashion industry.


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With a breast size 32B, Cassie’s upper body is amazingly attractive to any men around the world. Also, her body shape of 32-25-34 adds an elegance to her voluptuous appearance. This part of her body is enormously responsible in giving her those beautiful curves.

On top of her sexual appearance, Cassie Scerbo is naturally an astonishing beauty. People have fallen on their knees because of her beauty. An addition of all of these features makes Cassie and gives her an astounding look on anything she wears.

Lately, we have also heard that Cassie has been working out a lot to maintain her physical health. I bet she’ll look more beautiful in the days to come.

Cassie Scerbo is single at the moment – that’s surprising!

Men dream about Cassie; they ogle her. But who has ever had a chance to go out with that amazing piece of God’s architecture? There have been some lucky people in the past.

In 2006, Cassie started dating Michael Copon. Her first love relationship didn’t work out very well for more than two years and they broke up in 2008. Anyway, she has a long queue of men waiting for her. She could choose anyone she likes.

In 2009, Scerbo was seen going out with the lucky Cody Longo. However, Cody didn’t seem to be the one for Cassie.

In 2010, Scerbo left Longo to go out Doug Reinhardt.

Then in 2011, Josh Bowman became the man of her choice. However, he also didn’t manage to stay connected for long. Since the last break up, Cassie Scerbo has remained single focusing on her career.

No wonder Cassie is blessed with one of the finest body measurements, envied by many women. The body measurements have provided her a sexy figure which looks smoking hot while in the bikini. Despite the appeal she carries, Cassie Scerbo is still unable to hold on to a long-term boyfriend.