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5 Surprising Facts about Lizzie McGuire! Hilary Duff's early performance

If you were going through pre-puberty during the early 2000s, Lizzie McGuire was one show that you could truly relate to than any other show. The beloved teen sitcom that aired on the Disney channel definitely holds a special place in the hearts of its fans. But we bet even those avid fans, who are all grown up, wouldn’t have known these five surprising facts about Lizzie McGuire.

#5. Hilary Duff had a Dialogue Coach

Young Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire on the set of Lizzie McGuire

Hilary Duff played the titular character of Lizzie McGuire in the show. However, during the initial stages of the show, her acting was pretty green. Disney channel executives weren’t hesitant in pointing that out and insisted the show-runners hire a dialogue coach for Hilary. The show complied and hired dialogue coach, Troy Rowland, who would go on to coach Hilary and the other child actors of the show for two years.

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#4. Clayton Snyder’s Makeup

Clayton Snyder as Ethan Craft wearing yellow and white check shirt

Clayton Snyder played Ethan Craft, who fans of the show remember as Lizzie’s ultimate crush. But a lot of work was put into making Ethan Craft the show’s resident heartthrob. In an interview with MTV, he revealed that as his hair grew longer, he spent more time in hair and makeup than the girls did. He said the hairstylists destroyed his naturally curly hair with product, hairspray and more products.

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#3. Changed Plot

Young HIlary Duff, Adam Lamberg and Lalaine

In the pilot episode written by the creator, Terri Minsky, the concept of the show originally revolved around Lizzie and her mother. However, Terri Minsky got busy running another show called The Geena Davis Show, and Disney hired Susan Jansen as a substitute to oversee the show. Susan thought the show was really about the trio of Lizzie, Gordon and Miranda and decided to shift the show’s focus on them. In the end, the decision proved to be the better one as the trio was what made the show iconic.

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#2. Hilary Bombed her First Audition

Hilary Duff is wearing a pick color dress holding a black dog in her right hand

Hilary Duff was only thirteen when she first auditioned for the show, and she bombed her first attempt by not knowing any of her lines. After being replaced in her previous sitcom, Daddio, the actress didn’t foresee the possibility of landing the role of Lizzie. She claimed that she only went there so that she could hang out with her friends. But Terri Minsky saw something in her and eventually cast her for the lead role.

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#1. Lindsay Lohan and Sara Paxton as Lizzie

Lindsay Lohan spreading her hands while closing her eyes

Fellow child actors, Lindsay Lohan and Sara Paxton, were also considered as potential contenders for the role of Lizzie. But Hilary’s quirky personal style and her personality made her stand out in the auditions which eventually helped her bag the lead role. Pretty crazy if you think how under such unlikely circumstances, Hilary would proceed to land the role and become a bona fide teen idol.


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