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5 Jaw-dropping Facts about The Sopranos

The Sopranos was one of the best-written series to ever air on small screen. After the show’s controversial ending in 2007, it’s been 11 long years without Tony Soprano in our lives. We don’t know whether Tony was killed or he returned back to his home in one piece after finishing his dinner. But, the amazing thing is that we are still talking about the show even after a decade of its ending.There are some facts that even the regular visitors might not have known about the HBO series.

Initially Meant to be a Movie

The Sopranos cast members

When the show’s creator, David Chase had originally approached HBO with his idea for The Sopranos, he proposed a movie about a mob member with mother issues who sought help from a therapist. Later, his manager, Lloyd Braun convinced him that the idea would be good enough for a TV series and Chase began writing the script after signing a deal in 1995

However, his interest to continue it as a big-screen project once again emerged after the pilot episode was completed and he asked for extra funds. But, HBO declined and ordered another 12 episodes to make it a 13-episode hour-long full series. The Sopranos became the second hour-long series on HBO after OZ in 1997.

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Famous Among Real Life Mobsters 

Cast members of the hit show, The Sopranos

During the time of the show’s production, David Chase often got calls from the FBI just because real life New Jersey mobsters were really talking about the show. In 1999, one of the members of the DeCavalcante family gushed to an alleged mob goon that the story of The Sopranos matched theirs and their conversation was all recorded by the FBI. This topic became more interesting when one of the members of DeCavalcante family was heard saying, “Is this supposed to be us?” and his friend replied, “You’re in there, they mentioned your name in there”. 

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Excess use of F-word

James Gandolfini holding a cigar in his right hand and sitting on a couch

You can’t expect a mob to be polite and the same goes for Tony as well. The F-word has been used 437 times in season one and most of its credit goes to Tony himself who uses it exactly 134 times. The F-bomb mania was taken to a whole different level in season two when it was used 714 times. 

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Tony Sirico was a Real-life Mobster 

Tony Sirico wearing a white shirt, a maroon-colored neck-tie and black suit

There’s a reason Tony’s acting feels so real. Tony Sirico, who portrays Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Gualtieri in the show had a bad history in real life as well. Before getting into acting, he had seen walls of different penitentiaries and was an associate of the Jimmy “Green Eyes” Clemenza crime family during the late 60s and 70s. Prior to his career in Hollywood, he was arrested 28 times. The actor also had an agreement with Chase that he would only play Paulie if he wouldn’t be portrayed as an informant. 

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The first cable series to win an Emmy

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The Sopranos was the first cable series to ever win an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. The series won a total of 21 Primetime Emmys, 5 Golden Globes and Peabody Award for season one and season two. In addition to that, the Writer’s Guild of America named it as the Best Written Series of all time.

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