Win McMurry was dating Michael Phelps in 2013. It looks like she doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment and she is definitely not married.

Although her relationship with the famous competitive swimmer appeared to be perfect at the beginning, it seemed to fade away after September 2013. 

Phelps had paraded his girlfriend Win on the game arena in September with confidence but later there was a shocking update on his Twitter saying, “Wish I could watch a football game in peace and not have a reporter invade my privacy”.

The tweet proved to be strong enough to break their relationship.

McCurry declared herself single right after that but was it the only reason? Yet she never clarified anything regarding her past relationship with Michael Phelps.

Sources reported that she didn’t date anyone for a long time after her breakup. However, this is not the case for Phelps. He has been on the top news for his multiple relationships with other ladies after McMurry.

So, the gorgeous lady with stunning appearance and sharp reporting potential is single for now. She is not dating anyone officially. 

It seems that Win McMurry has finally succeeded to move on from her ex-boyfriend and now is enjoying singledom. Maybe she’s open to dating or, who knows, even getting married.