Willie Robertson turned a mediocre business to a Multi-Million dollar business. How did he do it?

By Sally Kinsey


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Give a man a fish and he will be fed for a day, Teach a man to fish and he will fed for life. This phrase represents the success Willie Robertson gained through learning various techniques from his dad to smartly run a business. Let’s get into the life of Multi-millionaire Willie Robertson and find his key to success.

Exactly, what is Willie Robertson and his family’s net worth??

Willie Robertson grew up in Bernice hunting and spend time in the outdoor, he spent considerable time in Duck Commander.His father ran the company, so young Willie helped his father with myriad tasks in his business and even handled business calls. Taught to be a business man from childhood, Willie joined Harding University to gain a business degree.

Duck Commander created duck call merchandise, which helped Willie to create a reality TV show Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty shows the life of Robertson family, who became successful by their family business. Willie Robertson who is the CEO of Duck Commander, also created another series of DVDS and television show named Buck Commander protected by Under Armour in the Outdoor Channel. Both the shows helped the Robertson family grow wealth. Duck Commander alone has a staggering 11 Million viewers. Willie Robertson’s net worth is $20 Million and when his wife is included, the net worth rises to $30 Million.

Where do the Robertson family live??

Being vastly wealthy, Robertson must have a luxurious house. That’s what most people’s conception is but no one knows where they live in. Unfortunately for us, the Robertson’s won’t speak about their house much. We needed to do research. 

In an episode of Duck Dynasty, a huge castle like house was featured and named Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson’s house. From what a fellow Louisianan said the house featured in the reality show is not where the Robertson family live in. The source claims it to be Eddie Hakim’s house. Eddie Hakim is a Millionaire and Louisiana’s biggest landlord. The house featured is one of Hakim’s house, the source claims.

During an interview with Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander was asked about his possible presidential pick. After few minutes he is asked whether Americans across the country are divided. He replied, “I see people more together — I see them liking ‘Duck Dynasty,’ so that brings the country together. It really does because this show — it’s funny, it breaks through all the demographics, it breaks through a lot of stuff, and people see things even if they are not like how we are as a family, they can strive to be like that and say 'I wish we could sit down more just at a table and have dinner together,' and I don’t see it as much in my travels as I do on the news.” The house that Robertson family live is in spreads about 21Acres in West Monroe, Louisiana. Nothing more is known about his beautiful house except a broad land area, it sits on. The dazzling net worth has earned Willie Robertson's family a luxurious life and a lavish home.

Willie is actually a family man.

Willie Jess Robertson was born to parents Phil and Marsha Kay Robertson at Tri-ward General Hospital in Bernice, Louisiana on April 22, 1972. He has two older brothers Alan and Jase, he also has a younger brother named Jep Willie Robertson married long-time partner Korie Howard in 1992. Together they have 5 kids, out of which John Luke, Sadie, and Bella are their biological children while Willie Junior was adopted as a baby. The oldest, Rebecca was an exchange student who later became their foster child. When asked if the family was again willing to adopt a child, Willie said: “I will never say never.”