Sara Ramirez exited hit ABC series Grey’s Anatomy in September 2016. Currently, there are rumors which suggest that the actress might make a comeback in the series. What is the reality? We shall find out. 

Sara Ramirez opens up about her conversation with Grey’s Anatomy creator

Grey’s Anatomy debuted on ABC over a decade ago on March 25, 2005, and Sara made her first appearance in the series as Dr. Calliope “Callie” Torres during the series’ second season.

Starting as a recurring character, Dr. Callie served as the main cast of the series from season 3 till season 12. 

Sara Ramirez portraying Callie Torres, she's wearing a doctor's coat and has her hand on her waist

Recently, on November 18, Ramirez opened up about her conversation with the series’ creator, Shonda Rhimes, which has raised hopes of her return in the show. The 42-year-old actress said, “When Shonda [Rhimes] and I last spoke, we agreed to keep the conversations going, and she knows I’m open to keeping those conversations going.”

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Does this mean that Ramirez is ready to make a comeback? The answer still lies under the murky water, but yes, she is definitely ready to break her over-a-year-long hiatus. She is ready to make a triumphant return on TV via a CBS series. 

Sara Ramirez making a comeback via Madam Secretary

Sara Ramirez will present herself in the CBS’s Madam Secretary in a pretty impressive avatar. With a geometrically fierce haircut and the plaid wool suit jacket, suspenders and tie, she looks totally clad.

Sara Ramirez is dressed in a black suit. She has undercut hairstyle.

She is portraying the role of a brilliant political strategist, Kat Sandvol, who is very much famous in D.C. for her talent. Also, her taking a hiatus from politics made her famous. That was something relatable to Sara’s life who was also away from her TV career for a year and a half. 

Sara’s fans who were missing her on Grey’s will be able to see the distinct presentation of Sara as Kat. 

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