Updated: 04/12/2018 02:44 PM | First Published: 04/03/2018 09:22 AM

Why did Hugh Rowland leave Ice Road Truckers?

Hugh Rowland is wearing a  black cap and putting his one hand on the truck


Ice-road trucking veteran, Hugh Rowland is also a TV personality, best known for his appearance on ‘Ice Road Truckers.’

Born in Kelowna, British Columbia, in 1957, he fell in love with trucking when he was just a teenager.

He is nicknamed ‘The Polar Bear’ among trucking community, which seemingly reflects his bear-like persona.

The History reality series, Ice Road Truckers first premiered on June 17, 2007. He was one of the dominant casts on the show until season 8.

The show revolves around activities of a group of drivers in the parts of remote Canada and US including places like Northwest Territories, Alaska, and Manitoba.

In 2014, he suffered multiple injuries in a crash when he was on a passenger-seat in a pickup truck.

Consequently, Hugh filed a lawsuit claiming that producers caused him severe and permanent injuries with their carefree driving.

Following the allegation, he was fired from the show.

He was also the part of its Spin-off series, IRT: Deadliest Roads, for the second season in South Africa.

When he’s not driving a truck, Hugh manages his own construction company. Besides that, he also owns several cars.

He is married to a woman named Dianne Rowland. Much to her dissent, she has lately been vocal about her husband‘s injury.

As of 2018, Hugh Rowland has garnered an estimated net worth of $2 million.