Clayton Morris announced on Monday that he was leaving Fox News after 10 years of service. He revealed why he was leaving the broadcasting industry after 18 years. The famed news host also revealed that he was done with the broadcasting scene and will be starting a “new chapter” in his life.

Clayton Morris says goodbye on Fox & Friends

Clayton Morris announces Fox News exit on Twitter

Morris had his last appearance on Fox & Friends on Monday morning. Before going on-air, he took to Twitter to announce that it was his last day at Fox News. 

During the show, Morris was honored by his colleagues with a nostalgic montage of his best memories from the show. Following this, Morris extended his gratitude towards co-hosts Abby Huntsman and Pete Hegseth and talked a bit about his future prospects.

Clayton Morris leaving Fox & Friends Weekend after 10 years with Fox News

Why is Clayton Morris really leaving Fox News?

Natali Morris on Twitter

Fans were shocked to hear that Morris is done with television…at least for now. He said that he’s excited about the new things to come his way and confirmed that he won’t be appearing on television ever. 

“I’m excited about this new chapter in my life. I don’t think you’ll ever see me on television ever again, so I’m not going anywhere else. I’m just gonna spend time with the family and focus on projects that I’m passionate about.”

Clayton Morris

Who is Clayton Morris married to?

Future projects of Clayton Morris: Real Estate

Apart from his successful broadcasting career, Morris is also an established podcast host. His other passions include “financial freedom” through real estate and that is exactly what he talks in depth about in his podcast, Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris.

Morris has his own website,, which is dedicated to “inspiring you to live your best life.” Through this project, Morris aims to help his clients build a passive income and a “financially free life.”

His approach includes a simple formula called the “Freedom Number” which you can easily calculate from his website.

Clayton Morris in between his older children, his youngest is in a stroller

Morris is also prioritizing his family. He is a family man. He is married to broadcaster Natali Morris and shares three children with her; a son and two daughters. They welcomed their son, Miles, in 2010 and their younger daughter, Eve Morris, was born in late 2016.

Morris will be taking some time off to spend quality time with his wife and three children.

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