Roli Szabo, better known as Rock N’ Roli, is best known for his appearance in reality  TV show Counting Cars. The show chronicles the day-to-day happening in Count’s Kustoms, which is owned and operated by Danny Koker.

Roli’s friends introduced him to Count’s Kustoms and worked as resident detailer after Danny was impressed by his work. Later, he ended up being a reality star. His thick Hungarian accent added comic relief to the show making him popular in no time. However, it has been rumored that he was let go from the show last year and fans were expressing their dissatisfaction.

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Where is Roli Szabo Now?

Now, let’s mention to your relief, he is still in action and is still working in Las Vegas. More recently, he took to social media to notify his well-wishers about his work. He will be doing “anything from full details to weekly or bi-weekly washes, interior restores and ceramic coating.”

Roli Szabo's Instagram post regarding "Roli  Shine" sharing contact details and all

So, if you are looking for some glassy twinkling in your car then “Roli Shine” is in the town! Roli has also shared his contact details where you can get in touch with him, but mind you, only business talk. While he mentioned that his followers can talk to him on his “Roli Counting Cars” Facebook fan page, they were curious that he is still associated with the show.

To one fan, who curiously asked him whether or not he is back in the show, he replied, “No. I’m doing my own thing.” That’s quite sad but fret not! You can get “Roli Shine” anytime in Las Vegas!


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