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What is American Restoration's Rick Dale Doing Now? Why was his show canceled?

Rick Dale aka The Restoration King is best known for appearing in History's American Restoration. He along with his wife and children appeared in the show for six successive seasons. Why did he leave the show? What is he doing these days?

Rick Dale's Journey Through Construction Business to Restoration Company

Rick Dale got inclined towards restoration from the very young age. His interest in restoration grew after he saw old pumps in his parent's gas station. Starting off building cycle by the age of nine, he later progressed in motorbikes at the age of 15.

Though his interest has always been in turning junk into a treasure, he used to run a construction business in the early 80s. However, his business was not doing well enough, so he had to wrap that up to embrace restoration. He first buckled himself up after selling a restored coke machine in the Flea Market, California.

Rick Dale looks handsome and confident in the photo. His tattoo in both of his arms has added extra flavour to his charm. He is wearing Jeans half shirt where it is written Rick's Restoration.

As he loves taking things apart and again putting it back together. He restored coke machine, sold it for three times that he had into it at first place. He started picking various machines and restored as well as deliver them. Establishing restoration business in 1983, over the time, his business gradually started to fall into places.

After running restoration business for ten years, in 1993, his life took a turn which left him devastated. He divorced his wife and the same year he sold his shop too. However, after years of hardship, he successively re-build his business again until 2007.

Appearance on the show, Pawn Stars Led Rick Dale to American Restoration

In the late 2000s, Rick met the love of his life Kelly Mayer who supported and convinced him to do what he loves doing. Kelly helped him to take his business to new heights by handling marketing aspects.

While he was making his own name in the restoration business, his talent got greater exposure after he appeared in the History's Pawn Stars. He appeared regularly on the shows to beautify Rick's old antiques. As his work has always been flawless and that was well appreciated after his appearances on the reality show, Pawn Stars.

Rick Dale and Kelly Dale are looking astonishing in their outfit. They both are looking towards the camera and Rick Dale is flashing the smile.

He, later on, was approached with the new show, American Restoration. The show featured his business filming in Rick's Restoration company. The show first aired on October 25, 2010, and within a short period, the show became viewers' favorite.

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Rick was documenting his business in the corrals turned workplace, where he used to live and work both. So, to carry business and show side by side more conveniently, in the late of 2015, Rick moved his shop to Commerce Street to 800 W.

Rick, and Kelly's children from their previous marriage helped them to operate their business. His family members are also involved in the business where his wife works as business operations, son as a picker and salesman, daughter Ally as an office manager, and Tyler runs the shop.

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Running the business and filming for the show, without a doubt, wasn't an easy way to go. But the determination that Rick has put in his work has paid him well. He has a huge net worth of $2.5 million.

Where is Rick Dale Now?

After successful six seasons, Rick Dale left the show. The season seven started with new projects helmed by Bodie Stroud and his team on January 1, 2016.

Rick Dale is tweeting about his goal for 2018. He is standing in from of 51 Ford which is in not good condition.

Undoubtedly, Rick's departure was an unforeseen one, and that has left his fans curious about the cancellation of the show. So far, the reason behind Rick's departure is still a mystery. As of early 2018, he is busy with his restoration business of which he is used to updating on Twitter.

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Rick Dale is an American antiques restorer and reality TV star best known for appearing on the reality show, American Restoration.

He is the owner of Las Vegas-based antique restoration shop, Rick’s Restorations.

Born on December 13, 1958, Rick rebuilt a bicycle when he was nine years old and progressed to motorbikes and cars by 15.

He says, “I love taking things apart and I love putting things back together.”

His interest in restoration developed after seeing the old pumps in his parents’ gas station. 

In the early 1980s, when his construction business wasn’t doing so well, he remembered the Pasadena-based Rose Bowl Flea Market.

At that time, he restored his Coke machine putting a little over a thousand dollars into the restoration and sold that in the flea market.

Afterward, he gradually started picking various machines he could get his hands on, restoring them and then delivering all over the country.

The process of collecting, restoring and selling continued for about a decade and Rick took great pride in restoring an object to its original glory.

In 1993, his life took a significant turn when he got divorced with his then-wife, and he sold his shop.

He then started working from home and slowly rebuilt his business again until 2007

During that time, he also met the love of his life, Kelly Mayer. She convinced Rick to keep doing the things he loved.

Kelly helped take the business to new heights handling the marketing aspects.

He got more exposure after working for Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison, as his restoration work was documented in the show.

Rick and Kelly got their show, American Restoration, which quickly garnered positive comments from fans.

The popularity of the show required Rick to open a new shop on Commerce Street, so that, they could film the show and run their business side by side.

All members of his family got into the business; his wife handling business operations and development and their children also backing them from various places.

Their son, Brettly is both a picker and salesman, daughter, Ally is the office manager and Tyler runs the shop

They appeared in the show for six seasons, but the seventh season returned with car and truck designer, Bodie Stroud and his team. 

Rick announced the cancellation of his show but didn’t addressed the reason.

Though the owner of $2.5 m, Rick got into the business because he needed the money, he has always valued clientele’s gratitude more than anything.

Name Rick Dale
Gender Male
Birthday December 13, 1958
Age 61 Years Old
Star Sign Sagittarius
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Marital Status Single
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