Randy Weaver was involved in the deadly siege at Ruby Ridge in 1992. The famous Idaho 11-days outburst that happened 25 years ago gives goosebumps even to this date. Find out what happened to Randy Weaver in 1992! Keep reading as we’ve gathered some insights to where he is now!

What Happened to Randy Weaver in 1992?

In the early 80s, Randy Weaver decided to move into the woods with his family to escape the corrupted society. He bought 8-acres of land on the Ruby Ridge and build a cabin where the family moved on to reside in peace.

Years before the Ruby Ridge standoff, Weaver family used to spend time in the neighborhood with Aryan Nations, a white supremacist’s religious group. In 1985, the FBI examined Randy and his wife, Vicki about their involvement with the Aryan Nation. However, none of the members of the family were reported to be part of the group.

Randy Weaver is holding a board for a mugshot picture. He is wearing orange colored dress and looking away from the camera with a intense expression.

In 1991, Randy was charged and arrested in the case of sawing a shotgun to a secret FBI informant. While Randy was expected to appear for his trail, he failed to do so. As a result, the court issued a bench warrant. U.S. Marshals Service tried to reach Randy to surrender peacefully for months but apparently it did not happen. Hence, the government was forced to survey his cabin by installing surveillance cameras on his property. 

On August 21, 1992, six marshals were secretly sent to survey the Ruby Ridge cabin in person. But Randy’s dog attracted the attention of the family upon the arrival of the marshals. Randy, his son, Samuel and his family friend, Kevin Harris went to investigate the matter with loaded guns.

One of the marshals fired Randy’s dog which ensued the firefight. Both sides exchanged fires with one another which subsequently resulted in the death of Deputy Marshal, Bill Degan and Randy’s son, Samuel. 

A small cottage stays in the midst of the woods. The cottage is surrounded by large trees. It appears like the cabin of is on top of a hill.

Following Day, Randy along with his daughter, Sara and Kevin were on their way to see Samuel’s body on a nearby shed. At the mean time, Randy was shot on his shoulders. As the three ran back to the house, another shot hit Vicki on her head, who was standing at the door holding 10-month-old daughter. Vicki died instantly.

The standoff went for days. Finally on August 31st, the 11th day of the siege, Randy surrendered. Randy was arrested on multiple charges but was absolved of all charges except the original charges of missing in the court hearing. For that, he was imprisoned for 18 months and fined $10,000.

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Where is Randy Weaver Now?

After two and half decades since the standoff in Ruby Ridge, Randy Weaver and the family are now living in Kalispell, Montana. The Weaver family admits that they have forgiven the government who are responsible for destroying their family.

Randy Weaver is sitting along side his daughter, Sara Weaver. Both Randy and Sara is smiling faintly as they look at the camera. Randy has got his arms around Sara's shoulder.

The Weaver family received $3.1 million in compensation from Justice Department for the deaths of Vicki and Samuel. The 70-year-old is now a grandfather and his three surviving children are all working.