Dave Turin, also known as Dozer Dave, appeared in seven seasons of Gold Rush as a part of Hoffman crew. Even though he wore many hats and operated heavy equipment throughout his run in the show, he got the name “Dozer Dave” for spending extra hours bulldozing.

New Show?

Dave Turin leaning on a car wearing a construction hat

Loved for his expertise in heavy machinery and hardworking attitude, he was the right-hand man of Todd Hoffman. After he left the show following a fistfight with Trey Poulson, he has regularly hinted fans on social media post that he may be back on television soon. Afterward, rumors started circulating that Turin was getting his own show like Dakota Boys and Parker Schnabel’s foreman, Rick Ness.

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Last fall, in one of his Facebook posts, a fan asked him the location of his claim, he replied that he did have a new claim in Dillon, Montana. He also said that he was busy setting claims for next season with his own team called Team Turin, which includes his family members. As of now, he is busy traveling across the country in search of old mines and new sites to prospect for gold, minerals and fossils. He travels between the mining grounds in Montana, Nevada and Yukon facing varieties of challenges throughout the year.

Dozer Dave wearing a white hard hat

Recently, he traveled to Yukon with his high school-sweetheart-turned-wife, Shelly and is now in Montana. Turin has been open that he will soon have his own show but hasn’t revealed any clear details. Maybe, he is planning to surprise fans soon. Brought up in the foothills of the Mt Hood wilderness, Turin developed a passion for outdoor activities like hunting and fishing at a very young age. Earning a degree in civil engineering, he started spearheading his family’s rock quarry business, with his father and three brothers. When he isn’t moving rocks and mining gold, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Currently, he also runs a YouTube channel, Great American Prospectors, with Clark James.

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