$79 million! It’s a big amount earned for a political pundit. His income in the past twelve months has just managed to keep him ahead of pop stars Rihana and Madona and NBA champion LeBron James, in Forbes top 10 highest paid celebrities.

With earning approximately 70 million dollars salary a year, Rush Limbaugh has so far managed to accumulate a net worth as huge as $500 million. The ultra-conservative and outspoken host of The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh makes money just by yelling angrily in his radio program.

Rush’s over the top salary has always kept him under the spotlight. Moreover, his marriages have also made him popular among other radio personalities.

Rush Limbaugh’s marriages have also helped him gain certain amount of attention

Rush Limbaugh has been married 4 times, 3 of which have ended in bitter disappointments. Currently, with his fourth wife Kathryn Rogers, Limbaugh is enjoying the best of his marital life.

Rush and Kathryn met in 2006. Back then, Kathryn was working as a party planner and Rush was working in the party. It was love at first sight as Kathryn couldn’t let go of Rush and his dashing personality.

They romanced for 4 long years before finally tying the knot on June 15th, 2010. Conflicts have occurred in their relation due to Rush’s outspoken personality, but rumors of extramarital affairs or divorce have not been heard yet.

Unlike his previous 3 wives, Kathryn is believed to have been supportive and understanding towards Rush. Unlike his previous wives, Roxy, Michelle Sixta and Marta Fitzgerald, Kathryn Rogers has always been loving and caring towards her husband. As per Kathryn, moving forward in a marital life with Rush with mutual understanding and efforts has helped them establish a fruitful relation.

Rush Limbaugh, one of the highest earning celebrities is enjoying his blissful marital life with his fourth wife Kathryn Rogers. With a stable financial condition backed up by $500 million net worth, the eminent radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is likely to have a prolific future ahead.

What!! Rush Limbaugh earned $79 million in past twelve months. Know his salary and his net worth. Who is his fourth wife?

Rush Limbaugh made $79 million in the past twelve months through his radio talk show. A conservative political commentator from America, Rush is one of the highest paid entertainers around the globe. He is married four times.