Rashida Jones has turned 40 but still she may never get married. Does she even need a husband to share her joys and sorrows of her life? Her father, Quincy Jones, and mother, Peggy Lipton, have been married since 1974.

Rashida Jones says she doesn’t like the idea of monogamy

The 40-year-old actress is naturally beautiful, gorgeous, curvaceous and everything else a man would want in his woman. Yet, the most desired woman in Hollywood may never get married in her lifetime. What might be the reason for her choice to be single until now?

Recently, Rashida became a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding. Will we ever see the actress in her wedding dress?

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When asked about her perspectives on marriage, she answered, “Things are changing so much. Especially this country, we have kind of failed with marriage. We’re so protective of this really sacred but failed institution.”

She further said,”There’s got to be a new model. I don’t know what it is, but maybe it’s like 10 years with a lease to buy or rent to own.”

Are you joking, Rashida? Is it a marriage or renting a car you are talking about? Perhaps, it’s a lateral thinking she learned from Harvard.

Adding to it, she says she doesn’t believe in monogamy. Upon being asked about when she is going to marry, she gave a weird answer, “Maybe never? Marriage doesn’t really buy you anything.”

She explained, “I mean, Chris Messina, who is my co-star in this movie, is with my very close friend [producer Jennifer Todd]. They’re not married, but they have two kids and they’re wildly happy. It doesn’t buy you anything. It just buys you a really big shitty pageant of a wedding to make other people happy.”

Come on, Rashida. People do not marry so that it would buy them anything. What more would be more precious than spending life with someone you love? At least marriage buys you that fate.

Rashida Jones’s parents have made a milestone by staying married for 42 years now

The 83 years old record producer, Quincy Jones, and 70 years old, Peggy Lipton, are the parents of Rashida Jones. The couple has been married since 1974.

Soul Bossa Nova, Ai No Corrida and The Secret Garden are the popular songs produced by Quincy Jones, aka Q. Likewise, Peggy Lipton starred in The Twin Peak sequel and played other movies such as When in Rome and The Mod Squad.

Her parents have achieved such a great milestone and she is still revolving around the confusion if she should get married or not. Rashida Jones stays adamant about remaining single.