Where is Tina Turner now? What happened to Tina Turner that she slid away from the limelight for years? Is she still alive? Find out in our story about the legendary musician Tina Turner.

What happened to Tina Turner? Is Tina Turner still alive?

Tina Turner, the talented musician, had experienced the peak in her career during the late 70’s and the 80’s. Tina walked into fame along with Ike Turner who happens to be Tina’s ex-husband. Ike had already gained recognition before Tina’s debut in the industry. 

Tina’s rapid popularity, which was solely based on her talents, left Ike with insecurities. He started believing that the rise of Tina resulted in Ike’s fading career. Instead of trying to lift himself, Ike chose to be the devil. His frustrations resulted in abusive reactions towards Tina.

Tina and Ike Turner posing as a couple when they were happily married. Tina is wearing a dress made from metal jewels and is looking at Ike romantically while Ike is looking at the camera and smiling.

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The tarts in her marriage became out of control when Ike started raising hands to Tina. She endured the verbal tortures and abuses for the sake of saving their relationship. But there was a time she decided to apprehend.

After filing a divorce petition in 1976, their 16 long years of marriage was declared over in 1978. Even though Tina had to give Ike a share of her publishing company, real estate worth $500000 and four cars, she had her sigh of relief moment as the terror was out of her life.

Turner had a mysterious absence from the industry as she was struggling out of her abusive relationship. This had let many of her followers to wonder “Is Tina Turner still alive?” For all her well-wishers, Tina is alive and is leading a blissful married life with husband Edwin Bach as of today. 

Where is Tina Turner now? What is she doing today?

Tina while she experienced bad relationships, had her climbs in the career alongside. She has reached the age of 78, and is in the hearts of millions even now. Tina is married to Edwin Bach, a German music executive. They got married after 27 long years of the love affair. Their marriage is going strong as of now.

Tina Turner singing in one of her events. She is holding the mic while she sings. She is wearing a glittery black sleeveless dress.

For Tina’s professional journey, after leaving her ex-husband Ike, she experienced successes in her career without any hindrance. Tina has acclaimed 11 Grammy Awards for her work. She is currently living in Zurich. Looking back at Tina’s five decades to the music industry, she has graced the industry with her talents. Her music is loved by millions even today.

As for her recent updates, Tina held a Tina Turner Musical this past October in London. She shared talks and happening about her whole life among her curious fans. Tina is coming up with something new in March 2018 in association with the Aldwych Theatre, London. For further news on Tina’s new venture, stay tuned.