News of US Supreme Court Associate Judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health condition rattled Washington amid the holiday season. On Friday, the oldest Justice of the Supreme Court had two nodules removed from her left lung at New York City’s Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital. Both of the nodules were found to be cancerous upon post-operative testing.

Ruth Bader is Well & Resting

The malignant growth was found while she was in the hospital after she suffered three fractured ribs in a fall at her office on November 7. According to doctors, the surgery was successful and there’s no evidence of further cancer on her scans. Shortly after her surgery, she cast a decisive vote against Trump administration’s new rules of prohibiting people from seeking asylum in case they cross the border illegally. On Friday night, she reportedly sounded strong and pretty chipper while sitting on the chair and calling friends. She was discharged from hospital on Tuesday and is recuperating at home. She hopes to be back on the court on January 7 when oral arguments for the next session begins.

Ruth smiling. She is wearing glasses.

Ginsburg had already survived colorectal and pancreatic cancers and the 85-year-old remains tough this time as well. She underwent surgery for colorectal cancer in 1999 and beat the early stages of pancreatic cancer in 2009. After her hospitalization in November, Twitter was flooded with memes offering a liver, a lung, a rib and whatever she needs to keep working as the leader of the liberal wing. Earlier this year, liberal icon, who is known as the “Notorious RBG” celebrated her 25th year on the bench of the high court. She has never missed a day of oral argument. She has said that she will serve on the position until she can no longer continue, at least five more years.

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On Christmas day, On the Basis of Sex, a biographical drama starring Felicity Jones as young Ginsburg and Armie Hammer as her husband, Martin hit 33 theaters in the US. The biographical drama follows the success of RBG chronicling Ginsburg’s career, released in May 2018. On the Basis of Sex follows young Ginsburg and her husband working together to bring a groundbreaking case of gender discrimination. Now, liberals are much concerned about her health because if her health deteriorates in the next 2 years, President Trump could cement a 6-3 conservative foothold for generations.

Get Well Soon, RBG!


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