The creator of Vikings has set to introduce a bunch of new characters in this fifth season but the viewers are worried about someone else, and, i.e., Ragnar Lothbrok, the ruthlessly noble character who got many viewers hooked on to this fantastic periodic drama.

Ragnar Lothbrok last scene in Vikings

After failing the war against his brother Rollo, Ragnar disappears for a decade and return to Kattegat as an unwelcome man. He then challenges his sons to take over his kingship and set him free from his misery. He says goodbye to everyone and insists Ecbert to hand him over to King Aelle to be executed. Ragnar suffers a lot from Aelle until the time of execution and is mercilessly thrown into a pit full of venomous snakes just as Ragnar’s fate in the real-life Norse legend.

Ragnar Lothbrok's death scene. He is lying helplessly in a pit wrapped by venomous snakes.

Ragnar died in the second phase of season four in the episode, All His Angels, but fans are in denial that Ragnar is dead. Many theories have surfaced on the internet which suggests that Ragnar survived the snake pit or he faked his death as he did before.

Will Ragnar Lothbrok be in Vikings season 5?

Vikings season 5 premiered on November 29, 2017. The two-hour-long special featured a civil war going on between Ragnar’s sons.

Fans can’t help but wait for a plot twist and see their favorite character back on screen. On top of that, Travis Fimmel (the actor who portrayed Ragnar) proclaiming “Season 5 is my favorite” has only risen their hopes.

Actor Travis Fimmel looks handsome with trimmed beard and black dress while visiting SiriusXM Studios.

We are sorry to say, but this is NOT happening. Fimmel says, “Yeah, no, no. I’m not returning. It sort of doesn’t make sense. My character is an atheist, so I’m not going to be coming up in any ghost, religious ghostly images or anything. I think you have to be very religious for people to have that belief in you.”

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Ragnar’s permanent departure from Vikings has definitely broken many hearts, but there’s a good news for the Vikingers. Ragnar’s brother Rollo is all set to return to the show. It is yet not announced when in season 5 will Rollo make a comeback, but it’s true that it’s going to be explosive.