Paul Teutul Sr. is set to appear in American Chopper’s latest season. Where has he been since the show ended in 2012? What happened to Paul Teutul Sr? Read on to find out details on the Senior vs. Junior feud and his net worth.

Paul Teutul Sr. got sued for ruining a new TV show

Apparently, Teutul Sr. had been working on a new TV project for A&E called Orange County Choppers: American Made with a partner, Thomas Derbyshire, who had agreed to finance the show entirely in return of 51% ownership.

According to TMZ, Derbyshire invested $1.8 million to start production. A few months later, Teutul Sr. demanded for a 50-50 deal, which Derbyshire refused and the production fell apart.

Paul Teutul stands infront of a motor cycle with his hands folded

Derbyshire has accused Teutul Sr. of paying his son, Michael, out of the show’s budget without consent and wants compensation for his loss. Teutul Sr. was quoted saying, “Unfortunately, Mr. Derbyshire’s interpretation of said events is without merit.”

What happened to Orange County Choppers’ Paul Teutul Jr.?

Paul Teutul Sr. reuniting with son Paul Teutul Jr.

The Teutuls are returning for a new season of American Chopper in May 2018. The father-son duo have been bonding over their love for Junior’s son, Hudson, so it’ll be interesting to see how their relationship will flourish, or blow up, on camera.

Paul Teutul Sr. holding his grandson while sitting on a couch, Paul Teutul Jr. is looking on from behind

In an emotional post on in November 2017, Teutul Jr. wrote, “I still hope my father and I can enjoy a normal father-son relationship, and we are giving “American Chopper” another spin for a return to Discovery. I hope it enables us to reconcile our relationship. We both want to make it work.”

He revealed that getting fired by his father was the best thing that happened to him as it allowed him to start his own company – Paul Jr. Designs.

What’s Paul Teutul Jr. up to in 2017? New season of American Chopper coming