Mick Dodge, who is often referred as ‘the Barefoot Sensei’ and ‘barefoot nomad,’ gained popularity from his National Geography show The Legend of Mick Dodge. With the distinct way of leaving the materialistic world, he has embraced the life in the wilderness to the fullest. If you are wondering where Mick Dodge is in 2017 then look no further. Here are the details about the Barefoot Sensei. Scroll down to know more!

Mick Dodge Bio: Birthday and age

Mick Dodge was born on August 29, 1951, to a career Marine, Ronald L. Dodge. He is of Scottish-Irish ancestry. He grew up in the Olympic Mountains, based in the Olympic Peninsula of Western Washington where his great-grandparents settled. He graduated from a high school located in Okinawa, Japan.

Mick Dodge running in the forest. Mick Dodge has been walking barefoot since 1991.

He spent his childhood traveling different corners of the country and world with his father. He worked as a mechanic at Fort Lewis before joining the Marine Corps. He served Corps for six years. 

What is Mick Dodge’s net worth?

While many are trying their best to live a convenient life with technology, he is among those exceptions who have opted to live life off the grid. He entered the Hoh rain forest in the western Washington state due to the stress of modern living. For now, Hoh is his home and his wilderness adventure is what he does for a living.

Sounds cool? Well! It does excite people but his way of living for many of us has been something beyond imagination.

He has been making his living there ever since 1991, sleeping in caves, trees and eating worms, hunting birds and most importantly, walking miles barefooted. 

Mick Dodge peeking with the trees stump and bushes on his head. He is widely known as The Barefoot Sensei.

That was just within himself until he was discovered by The Legend of Mick Dodge producers in Whidbey Island. He instantly caught people’s attention with his distinct way of living and his way of story-telling too. 

He also conducted a community project Earthgym in which he educates people a new way of psychical training where people got to work out using the terrain around them instead of traditional gym machines.

He has been subject to the Nat Geo’s show since 2014 and that has helped him to accumulate a net worth of $150 thousand.

Where is Mick Dodge in 2017?

After the end of the season three in 2015, after the huge demand of viewers, The Legend of Mick Dodge is back on your screen. 

The show initially aired on January 7, 2014. And as of 2017, the show has returned to the National Geography with the repeat telecast of past seasons. The upcoming repeat telecast is on December 2.

Mick Dodge carrying bundle of shrubs on his back. He has long and white hair and beard.

Particularly, Mick Dodge is quite active on Facebook. He is doing what he has been doing for last 25 years.