Fans are wondering what happened to Ines Rosales since the traffic reporter hasn’t been seen on air for some time now. Where is Ines Rosales now? Read on to find out where New York’s favorite traffic reporter is.

What happened to Ines Rosales?

After Rosales disappeared from her usual on-air lineup, her fans are frantically searching if she has gotten secretly engaged or married. Well, she’s still very much a bachelorette. It’s also understandable that her fans are worried if she got fired or is leaving permanently. But none of these seem to be the case.

Rosales revealed on Facebook that she was taking some time off from reporting to take care of some personal stuff. She didn’t go into detail about why she would remain off-air but at least we know that she hasn’t left the network or been fired. 

Ines Rosales in the Good Day New York studio standing in front of two monitors that say Good Day New York

On December 7, she posted a status update on Facebook writing, “Taking a few weeks off for personal reason. Hope to be back very soon. Thank you for asking.”

No one can deny that Rosales deserves some time off from her hectic job. She has been delivering New Yorkers traffic updates at an ungodly hour for more than a decade now. As few of her fans mentioned in the comments of her status, we’ll be patiently waiting for Rosales’ return to television.

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